RED CAT STUDIOS LTD. was formerly known as ART4ART (UK) LTD. and by the trading names of ART4ART COMMUNICATION, ART4ART STUDIOS and VOICE-TALENTS INTERNATIONAL - VTI. Since 24 June 2015, RED CAT STUDIOS LTD. replaces all previous names and trading names.

The engagement between RED CAT STUDIOS LTD. (“The Service Provider” hereafter) and its client (“The Client" hereafter) will be based on the following standard terms and conditions. Please read carefully. When The Client asks The Service Provider to proceed with a proposed work, The Service Provider will treat that as acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions and also acceptance of any charges for services, as set out in any quote supplied. Acceptance of this offer can be communicated verbally (by telephone) or in writing (fax, letter or e-mail). On request a written contract can be drawn up containing specific details of each assignment, including assignment dates, start and finish times, delivery schedules and expense arrangements.


Following receipt of confirmation from The Client, any cancellations received under 24 hours from the scheduled production start will be subject to a Late Cancellation Fee (LCF) not exceeding the value of the order, as quoted. In case of a voiceover recording project the LCF will be equal to the Agreed Minimum Rate.


Our usual method of delivery is by email, FTP or any online Large File Transfer application, but it may be necessary with certain projects to deliver as hard copy. Whilst The Service Provider will take every care in the selection of its carriers, it cannot be held liable for loss of any document it dispatches or consequent loss or damage thereupon.

Rates and Payment

All rates quoted are specific to the assignment, due to the nature of work carried out by The Service Provider. Written quotations shall remain valid for thirty days from the date on which they are provided. Quotations for material not seen by The Service Provider shall be subject to confirmation of price on receipt of the documents/scripts for translation or voiceover. Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice, unless otherwise agreed between parties. Invoices are delivered only after mutual agreement that the job has been completed in the manner set out in the original quote. Payment can be made by way of bank transfer, cheques (in GBP only and with a valid guarantee card) or via the online processors PayPal or MoneyBookers (Skrill). In compliance with the current regulations (Directive 2011/7/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council from 16 February 2011), The Service Provider reserves the right to charge Late Payment Interest (LPI), following the invoice’s 30-day expiry. Currently, the LPI is 16.5%, which represents the European Central Bank main refinancing rate (currently at 8.5% in the UK) plus 8%. A minimum charge of GBP35 is applicable (towards expenses incurred as a result of late payment), plus any reasonable collection costs incurred (towards legal services and/or collection agency).


The Service Provider observes a "30-Days Free Quality Guarantee" policy. Whilst every effort is made to ensure linguistic products (translations, transcripts, voiceover recordings etc...) are as accurate as possible, should The Client spot any errors or defects in the documents delivered, these must be brought to the attention of The Service Provider within 30 (thirty) days from Delivery, for correction and/or amendment free of charge. Corrections and/or amendments requested later than 30 days from initial delivery will be treated as new assignment. Corrections and/or amendments to an original voiceover script/dubbing book requested after Delivery of final audio files will be treated as new assignment. The Service Provider offers professional services of voiceover script/dubbing book translation, proof-reading, cultural awareness and/or specialist review at competitive rates, carried out by qualified linguists, fully aware of the audio and visual production requirements (Synchronisation to image and Lip Synchronisation). Such services are fully guaranteed for accuracy by The Service Provider. If The Client chooses to have the voiceover script/dubbing book translated elsewhere, The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend a recording session, if the voiceover scripts/dubbing books prove to be unprofessionally translated and/or insufficiently adapted to the audio and visual production requirements (Synchronisation to image and Lip Synchronisation) and to charge The Client the Agreed Minimum Rate for the suspended session.


All documents are held securely by The Service Provider, on a dedicated and secure server, and any hard copies are disposed of by means of secure destruction. The Service Provider holds an electronic report archive of client documents, all of which are disposed of one year after being written, unless otherwise agreed with Client by means of an NDA or other contractual document. These general Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with English Law.